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Bloon TD 5

In this 5th edition Bloon TD 5 there is a whole new revamp on the graphics compared to the previous 4 games as well as heaps of new enemy Bloons, 6 new maps to complete and 6 new towers to buy and upgrade. Gameplay became more colorful and interesting. The aim of Bloon TD 5 is to create a barrier of defensive turrets that will automatically fire arrows and other ammunition at the floating Balloons that pass by. As the game progresses you will go through wave after wave of enemies, each time getting more difficult and harder to defeat. Create a barricade of towers along the paths to ensure none of the Bloons escape to our base. When you start to earn enough points use them to upgrade your towers to more powerful units. Bloons Tower Defense 5 brings a variety of gaming into the series with the addition of 2 extra Game Modes for you to play through.

Game Modes:

1) Apart from the Standard edition, you can play Apocalypse mode if you dare! In this mode the Bloon enemies get harder after each wave, there are no rounds and the cost of towers and upgrades are set to Medium Difficulty prices.

2) Sandbox Mode is the easiest as you are given Unlimited Money and Life, so you can build and upgrade towers until your heart’s content, you can even choose which enemy types you want to come round next. Sandbox is pretty much used for testing out different ways of setting out the towers and finding out which ones are best for overall damage.

Towers and Defensive Items:

There are 13 Towers available in total to build. However, each of them has 4 Upgrades available to increase damage, range or shots etc. As well as the 13 towers, you can also purchase extra defensives that are placed directly on the road path. These include Spikes, Exploding Pineapples, Glue and a Dartling Gun.

Costs 200 – Dart Monkey – Shoots single Darts
Costs 300 – Glue Gunner – Shoots out Glue to slow them down
Costs 360 – Tack Shooter – Fires a volley of 8 Tacks
Costs 380 – Ice Tower – Freezes Bloons to slow them down
Costs 400 – Boomerang Thrower – Throws a boomerang in a curved angle
Costs 550 – Monkey Apprentice – Randomly casts different spells at enemies
Costs 600 – Monkey Buccaneer – Boat ship that shoots single darts from a water area
Costs 700 – Bomb Tower – Throws a bomb that explodes, damage on multiple bloons
Costs 825 – Mortar Tower – Shoots Mortars at a targeted area
Costs 900 – Monkey Ace – Sends a Plane in the sky shooting down Darts
Costs 1000 – Monkey Beacon – Increases the range of nearby Towers
Costs 1000 – Banana Farm – Generates extra money to use at the end of a round
Costs 4000 – Super Monkey – Shoots fast deadly lasers!


In total, the game Bloon TD 5 has 14 maps, However, 8 of them you have to purchase via Mochi Coins. Don’t worry though there are 6 free maps to choose from that include 1 Easy, 3 Intermediate, and 1 Hard.


All in all, this is why Bloons Tower Defense 5 is one of the best games in the category for tower defense games, they make the genre really fun to play, with heaps of options with upgrades and towers as well as various game modes to try out. Everybody must try out this incredible flash game, so we are waiting for you at our site to make you happy.

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